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Which powered wheelchair is best for you?

Which powered wheelchair is best for you?

Powered wheelchairs have evolved a lot over the last 20 or so years. There are a wealth of options available to meet the most demanding of challenges. Coupled with the developments in terms of other forms of transport including the advent of WAV’s or Wheelchair accessible vehicles there is almost no limit to the options available.

Our range includes some of the best models available, and we have refurbished models available as well ( subject to availability and suitability see our bargains page). Whats right for you is a matter of choice and requires an understanding of your lifestyle and your personal requirements. Our staff have many years of experience and we have additional resources to call upon in order to put together a solution that is right for you.

  • Indoor only
  • Outdoor-indoor
  • Indoor-outdoor
  • Attendant control
  • Dual control
  • Comfort and posture seating
  • Pressure care
  • Transportable

Prices vary dramatically from model to model there are budget as well as premium models available. as a guide and depending on the quality or features you are expecting or needing pricing for what we would class as a modest but well specified chair capable of both indoor and outdoor use would start around £2,000 ex-VAT. Please talk to us about your needs and expectations and we will guide you to something that will meet those expectations as economically as possible.

We do not employ commissioned staff so any advice we give is not motivated by money.

We are well aware of some products being sold at lower costs, however our experience as well as the experiences of some of our clients is that the budget route looks attractive at first but can lead to some pit falls over time.

Cheapest price is not always best value over time especially when you needs can change sometimes sooner than expected.
Budget models are usually suitable for a limited range of needs and cannot be adapted.
Budget does not always mean “poor quality” it can simply refer to the limited range or expectations of the product. the problem comes when we expect too much from too little.

Our staff will happily discuss pricing and the options for part exchange as well as helping you to dispose of a chair that you may no longer need or want whatever the reason. We have a very open and honest approach and we are pleased to have quite a number clients who return time after time to us for service and support as time goes by. We have excellent relations with our suppliers and we have the capacity to maintain your product throughout its entire working life.

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