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The New Invacare Via GO Push Aid

The New Invacare Via GO Push Aid

Via GO is the latest empowering solution from the market leaders in power add-ons. Designed to provide extra power assistance when pushing or manoeuvring a wheelchair, this powerful, compact push aid for manual wheelchairs is easy to use and quick to install.

We understand that pushing and manoeuvring a wheelchair can be challenging at times, especially when faced with poor pavements or path surfaces, or when facing an incline. via GO – the powerful, easy-to-use push aid from Alber – always provides the right amount of power assistance for the person pushing the wheelchair.  It helps to effortlessly manoeuvre the wheelchair with confidence, whether its going to local shops or visit a park.  Now you can rediscover independent mobility and enjoy any excursion in a
relaxed manner.


Compact and convenient – its lightweight design and compact dimensions makes this unit very easy to handle and ideal for day-to-day tasks and excursions. It can be removed quickly if required and stowed away to save space.

Strong and enduring – even on inclines, ramps and uneven surfaces. the via GO provides the right amount of power assistance just when you need it. Simply press the plus or minus symbol on the control to adjust the speed.

Intuitive and flexible – the via GO is so straightforward you can use it immediately. Its large buttons with make control a breeze. With via GO the unit doesn’t need to be removed when folding the wheelchair.

It has a range of up to 10 miles, depending on the terrain,  and can power up slopes up to 16% gradient with a max speed of 3.4mph.

The control unit simply attaches to the push handles of the chair and can be mounted either left or right depending on your preference. The power assist unit neatly attaches via a bracket underneath the wheelchair. Charging the unit is easy and straightforward.  The Via GO is suitable for most makes of manual wheelchairs.