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Specialist Bedroom Furniture

Integral Profile Vertical-Lift Bed


The Integral Profile & Lift action incorporates both a standard profiling movement combined with a vertical up and down high-low lifting mechanism. It offers a very neat arrangement with all working mechanical parts being totally hidden from view when the mechanism is fully lowered.

IPL is of course available as a standalone single-bed, but it is also especially popular with double arrangements fitted alongside a second adjustable action (or static half) within a single base surround, where it works particularly well since its high-low movement does not require the whole supporting base underneath to move up and down.

Help & Advice For Specialist Bedroom Furniture

Freephone service update

Freephone numbers seem to of fallen out of favour with the public as they like to know where the call is going especially as they prefer to do business with a local company if possible. With that in mind we have closed our freephone number and we have moved that investment into a new enhanced

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When is a bargain not a bargain?

Buying a used mobility product privately from social media sites, contacts, car boot sales etc.  folks often think they are getting a bargain only to discover they have bought a lemon…… They accept that they paid very little but get a bit of a surprise when the remedy costs 2-3 times the cost of the

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The Mobility Buyers Protection Guide 2012

The Mobility Buyers Protection Guide  is now available to download. This newly revised edition brings an insight into the pitfalls and practices that some less than scrupulous companies employ to make you part with your cash. The guide is designed to make you think about some of the issues that are important when choosing a

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Did You Know!

Key Mobility is a trading name of Osteopoise Healthcare who have been trading since 2000. We are pleased and proud to be a “Buy With Confidence” registered trader with Nottinghamshire trading Standards. We offer a comprehensive after sales, workshop and repair service and we welcome clients who have even bought elsewhere. Insurance, breakdown cover and

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