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Osteopoise is a leading provider of bespoke mobility products and solutions, specialising in a wide range of adaptive and assistive devices designed to enhance the mobility, comfort, and quality of life for individuals with unique and specific needs. Their product offerings include custom wheelchairs, power-chairs, accessories and aids, seating solutions, and sleeping products, each meticulously tailored to meet the distinct requirements of our customers.

Our range of solutions

Bathing & Hygiene Solutions

One of the cornerstones of healthcare is personal Hygiene, we have a comprehensive range of products, from a simple bath board to a full length shower trolley and most things in between. If you cannot see what you are looking for please call us as we have access to a broad selection of manufacturers and products that are constantly being updated.

Mobility Solutions

Don’t let limited mobility stop you getting out and about. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter, we supply both lightweight buggies you can fold away in the car boot and models you can use on roads as well as pavements. Our wheelchair range includes manual chairs for active and passive users; wheelchair power packs to give an extra boost when needed; and electric wheelchairs to help people with disabilities live more independently. Of course, you’ll want to stay mobile indoors as well as out, so we also offer a selection of walking aids. These include three and four wheeled walkers and walker-wheelchair ‘hybrids,’ which can also be used outside. Naturally, choosing the right product to suit your healthcare needs and mobility level is paramount. Our expert team will take the time to discuss your requirements so we can recommend the solution that works best for you. Book your FREE, no obligation assessment today.

Moving & Handling

There are many times when standing or moving from one surface to another, Bed to chair, Chair to Wheelchair, to or from the toilet etc will be a challenge and you need something to make the process possible and safe. Osteopoise have a variety of solutions on hand that make things easier and in many cases simply possible rather than impossible. Travel friendly solutions as well as simple solutions to use around the home.


Posture Solutions

Pressure Care Solutions

Seating Solutions

There are many health conditions and mobility problems that make it difficult to sit comfortably in a normal chair. At Osteopoise, we understand these issues and have sourced a wide selection of high quality specialist chairs that can meet any combination of seating needs. These include specially designed pressure and posture care chairs, and electrically operated riser recliner chairs that make it easier to stand up. Our high seat chairs offer tailor-made support to suit your mobility needs and come in a range of attractive designs that will grace any fireside. You can even choose a matching footstool for extra comfort. Our bariatric chairs have the specialised features and functionality required by the larger user. These sturdy and robust designs offer pressure care and posture management as well as comfortable seating solutions for people with a range of mobility-limiting conditions. Not sure which chair is right for you? Our friendly team are here to help – get in touch today.

Sleeping Solutions

Being comfortable in bed can help reduce strain on your carers and forms an important part of the 24 hour posture care that sits at the heart of our business. Our adjustable beds can be positioned to relieve pressure and offer improved posture management and comfort during the night. Choose from a selection of types, sizes and features to suit your design preferences and lifestyle as well as your healthcare needs. For more complex requirements, our specialist beds and mattresses provide safe and practical solutions for clients and carers. Options include day beds; floor level and cot beds to help prevent falls and facilitate personal care; and electrically operated rotational (profiling) chair beds to promote independence and mobility. Don’t let bedtime become a challenge – ask us to help you find the right mobility sleep system to meet your individual needs.

Stability & Support

Falls prevention is a major feature in reducing admissions to hospital, pressure on the NHS and not to mention the pain, discomfort and the long road to recovery. Balance and stability become more and more important as we age so having a good strategy to stay independent and mobile is vital. We have a great range of options to keep you on you toes as it were.

Transfer Solutions

Walking Solutions

Rollators and Walkers have revolutionised independence and improved the daily lives of millions. Providing stability, confidence and safety when balance, posture and confidence to walk down the street, park or shopping centre become an issue. Somewhere to sit down just to catch your breath or rest for a moment. Carry shopping or personal items from the shop to your car or to take on the buss or Tram.

Your solution is ours to find

“Our chair was exactly what Roy needed for support, durability and positioning!” Roy Baker

“Fantastic service and they will find you the right product for what you need” Roy Baker

“Can’t praise Simon enough at Osteopoise. Excellent service as always, thank you.” Anne Crowley