See the New Puma 40 Powerchair with the new Sedeo seating system. Now available for trial-assesments.

puma40-2Puma 40 is designed for intensive use indoors and outdoors. It is incredibly versatile, robust and easy to drive and control with your choice of renowned electronics. Front or rear wheel drive, its state-of-the-art Full Track Suspension System (FTTS) coupled with adjustable centre of gravity makes for a smooth and comfortable ride in total safety. High stability and maximum traction in every situation. You can choose to drive faster – a respectable 10 km/h – and further with the 74 Ah battery option. Powerful motors and high torque ensure great manoeuvrability, also at low speed. Puma 40’s compact design and low seat height are very convenient for indoor use. You can easily drive under a table and, together with electrical seat tilt and high/low options, they provide maximum independence.