The Banwell

The Banwell is a powerful bariatric riser recliner chair for the heavier or wider customer that provides the upmost reassurance & comfort.

40 stone Banwell with the 25 stone leg lift – option 1

This has been designed with the larger customer in mind, those suffering from heavier legs that are swollen or Oedema and may require a footboard suitable to support the extra carrying capacity. Unlike other standard riser recliner chairs available, which can only carry approximately 20% total lifting capacity on the footboard, the CosiChair Banwell carries up to 25 stone on its footboard area It is a dual motor chair controlling the base and back with a further 2 motors powering the leg lift only.

40 Stone Specification:

Seat height – 48.2cm / 19’’
Seat width – 63.5cm / 25’’
Seat depth – 53.3cm / 21’’
Weight limit – 40 stone / 254kgs
35 stone Banwell with Tilt-in-space – option 2

This dual motor recliner is for the heavier customer who requires unparalleled comfort & support of the head and back area. As you recline the chair, the seat to back angle doesn`t alter allowing for full support throughout the chairs motion, it then allows the back to be separately adjusted for the ultimate comfort and positioning.

35 Stone Specification:

Seat height – 48.2cm / 19’’
Seat width – 63.5cm / 25’’
Seat depth – 53.3cm / 21’’
Weight limit – 35 st / 222kgs
British Design & Craftsmanship – Made in the UK.

5 Year Guarantee

Available to order in Seasons Cocoa fabric. Other fabric options available on a Made to order basis. Made to order & Made to Measure available please contact Customer Services on 01949 831444


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