Rotational Bed

Profiling Chair Bed

The Rotational Bed electrically powered rotating profiling chair bed offers greater independence and mobility to the user who is weight bearing but struggles to transfer unassisted between standing and sitting.

Featuring all the usual functions of a profiling bed, the Rotational Bed also enables the user to rotate and then tilt the chair to aid the transfer between standing and sitting. In addition to the many benefits of the an auto-regression function ensures minimum pressure is placed on the sacrum region when the bed is profiled. The Rotational Bed can be set up to allow transfer to either the left or to the right and includes a ‘Very High Risk’ mattress with a vapour permeable, multi-stretch, high frequency welded cover offering outstanding pressure reduction, comfort and ease of cleaning. The Rotational Bed represents excellent value for money and is one of the most cost effective chair beds on the market today for the home care, nursing and residential environments.

Key Features

  • Electrically operated backrest, knee break, height, rotate and tilt
  • Angle of back rest: 70° – Angle of thigh rest: 35°
  • Mattress platform dimensions: 210cm x 90cm
  • Aluminium side rails (meet clause of IEC 60601-2-52)
  • Hand rails to further aid transfer onto and off the bed
  • Double Remote hand controls
  • Individually lockable PVC twin castors (castor diameter: 10cm)
  • Profiled bed rotates through 90° to become chair
  • Chair tilts forwards to aid transfer between sitting and standing
  • Easy clean, low maintenance
  • One button auto-contour and rotate
  • Safety feature will not allow bed to tilt unless fully rotated
  • Auto-regression function
  • Weight limit 180kg (28 stone)
  • 48cm to 88cm height variation
  • Trendelenburg tilt: 10.8° – Anti-Trendelenburg tilt: 10.5°
  • Can be set up to rotate either to the left or to the right
  • Comes complete with Very High Risk foam mattress
  • Max. User Weight Limit: 28 stone / 180 Kg


  • Bed Dimensions: 235cm x 105cm
  • Mattress Platform Dimensions: 210cm x 90cm
  • Max. Height Position: 88cm
  • Lowest Height Position: 48cm
  • Headboard Height from mattress platform: 41cm

Warranty: 5 years on metal work and 5 years electrical actuator


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