Kirton Encora

Key to the Encora is the ability to raise and lower the chair to attain the correct seat height for each user. This allows the feet to be positioned firmly on the floor when seated helping to maintain an even weight distribution and assisting the ambulant user to stand from the chair more readily.

The Encora has the ability to easily adjust the tilt-in-space positioning to facilitate ultimate pressure management whilst the independent back recline facility enables the user to attain the most comfortable, relaxed resting position possible. Similarly the legrest can be elevated by either the carer or user by the touch of a small lever on the arm of the chair or by a remote control.

The Encora’s Advanced Comfort Backrest, incorporating the highly acclaimed ReflexionTM foam, moulds itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight and provides superior comfort and support to the user. Further positioning assistance is provided through the built in, adjustable lateral supports and lumbar cushioning which underpin the design of the sculpted backrest.

The use of ReflexionTM foam upholstered in the multi-directional, vapour permeable Dartex fabric on all patient contact surfaces ensures a high level of pressure care management throughout.

Incorporation of any of our recommended pressure relieving seat modules are available, alternatively a flat seat board can be supplied for users wishing to incorporate their own pressure relieving cushion.

General Use

  • Specialist care units
  • General and care of the elderly wards
  • Care home and hospice environments
  • Domestic home use
  • For those seated for lengthy periods
  • For those at risk from pressure related

Features and Benefits

  • Gas action or Electrically powered Tilt-in-Space, Back angle recline and Elevating legrest
  • Three pressure relieving seat module options
  • Advanced Comfort Backrest
  • Innovative pressure relieving Reflexion™ Foam on user contact surfaces
  • Multi-positioning, integral headrest
  • Adjustable seat height and seat length
  • Integral, adjustable lateral supports
  • Multi-directional, breathable Dar tex material on all user contact surfaces

Pressure Relieving Seat Options (integral)

  • Intelli-Gel® Integral seat module
  • Transflo Gel seat module
  • Reflexion™ Foam seat module


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