Invacare Kuschall Ultra-Light

The küschall Ultra-Light is a light and compact wheelchair designed to suit an active lifestyle, offering both high mobility and independence.
The rigid front makes the küschall Ultra-Light a very robust wheelchair, giving it a sturdiness and driving performance comparable with a rigid frame wheelchair. With its easy folding system, it allows those with reduced strength and/or hand function to fold the wheelchair without having to apply excessive force.
The küschall Ultra-Light foldable active wheelchair offers the ultimate support when needed. The combination of design, driving performance and manoeuvrability results in an ultra-light wheelchair that delivers on performance. 

  1. CONFIGURATION: Product shown has an aluminium standard frame in two-tone frame colour ‘dynamite orange’ (front) and matt black (cross-brace and rear), carbon clothes-guards, light backrest upholstery, two-piece plastic footplates, 4” Starec front wheels and hub brake rear wheels with Schwalbe tyres and aluminium grey handrims.
  2. FRAME: Two front frames are available on the küschall Ultra-Light: active 70° or dynamic 80°. Both are also available in a tapered version. The latter option reduces the front width for better manoeuvrability and increased leg support.
  3. BACKREST: The küschall Ultra-Light has an optional foldable backrest. Combined with the foldable frame, this makes it easy to handle, move and transport. Measuring just 290 mm wide when folded, the küschall Ultra-Light fits into the smallest of storage spaces.
  4. HUB BRAKES: With integrated brakes on the hubs, 24 silver spokes and a black rim, the new hub brake wheels eliminates the need standard brakes and clamps to be fitted. Improved sleek frame design and significant weight saving.
  5. SEAT BAG: The küschall Ultra-Light comes with an optional seat bag that can be attached with fixation clips. Placed just in front and below the seat, this bag is situated in an area that is very accessible.
  6. SWISS-MADE: All küschall wheelchairs are manually assembled in our factory in Switzerland and have a ‘Swiss Made’ label attached to the frame.


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