Invacare Alber Twion M24

In today‘s world, one thing matters more than anything: mobility. That‘s why we need a mode of transport that is adapted to our dynamic lifestyles: efficient, smart and fun to drive.

Innovative drive technology from Alber delivers the efficient and flexible solution for future mobility.

The new twion power assist offers new freedom and maximum independence. The electric motors equipped with leading-edge digital electronics provide you with extra power for every propelling movement. The sensor fitted to the hand rim calculates precisely the right amount of support.

The silent direct drive ensures high agility and simple handling. You are actively on the move and reach your destination quickly, efficiently and calmly.

Faster and further: The dynamic motors accelerate the wheelchair up to 6 km/h

(3.7 mph), optionally 10 km/h (6.2 mph)*. So you can really get going and enjoy the ride. The efficient energy recovery system feeds energy back into the batteries during braking, providing a 10% range extension for greater freedom.

Cars play a central role in our mobile world and have become indispensable companions. Sophisticated twion technology creates an ideal combination of cars or public transport with maximum flexibility. The wheels can easily be detached at the press of a button for compact loading. In the selection of materials, particular attention was focused on weight. High-tensile aluminium alloys, high-tech plastics and the latest digital motor technology have been used. The result: at 6 kg*, including battery, the wheels are a lightweight.

Smartphones have become firmly established in our modern society as communication and organisation centres.

So it‘s even more logical that Alber also offers its service digitally. Simply download the twion Mobility App at no cost from Google Play Store onto all android-capable smartphones and use the all-round service at any time. For example, if service is required the diagnostic checklist can help to localise the error in the wheels and, if necessary, set up direct contact to our Service Team.

With the optionally available Mobility Plus package, you can use even more features in the twion App and communicate directly with the twion wheels via the smartphone. In this way, you also receive all important running information such as distances travelled, battery charging level or calories burned. For sportier types, the running profile can be set to personal requirements or trips can be recorded and saved via GPS.

The innovative BlueDrive function allows wheelchairs equipped with twion drive wheels to be remotely controlled by Smartphone*. The integrated inclination sensors ensures that a slight tilt of the Smartphone in the required direction of travel sets the wheelchair in motion. A virtual joystick is available as an alternative means of control.

Access Solutions

We have portable as well as fixed access products available.

Battery Maintenance

Our battery care and maintenance guide will help you get the most life from your battery.


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