Integral Profile & Lift

Summary of key IPL features

  • IPL has a ‘straight-up-and-down’ vertical lifting movement, and so does not require any space other than its ‘at rest footprint’ for operation.
  • IPL is the best high-low mechanism to use to achieve / incorporate into a true double bed arrangement – it is a straightforward matter to build this mechanism into a bed base surround alongside another mechanism for a second person.
  • IPL standard length bed is approximately 6’8”, special order maximum length is 7’4”, minimum length is 6’ (and IPL is available at any length in between these)
  • Certified IPL mechanism quality – we use the best quality wooden profiling actions available, tested by one of Europe’s most rigorous and demanding furniture engineering performance test centres.

The family of mechanism components which we use – which includes the IPL – are produced through standardised manufacturing processes designed to satisfy the demands of LGA Bayern adjustable bed furniture performance testing (LGA are part of the well-known TÜV automobile testing group). In order to achieve the Quality Control standard set by LGA, both the mechanism as an article and the relevant manufacturing processes are taken into account.

Certification is only granted after a number of factors are considered and characteristics of the mechanism examined before, during and after prolonged load and performance testing. The main specific heads for testing involve examination of:

  • potential for distortion of lying area
  • vertical impact performance
  • vertical static load performance (deadweight loads)
  • dynamic load performance – functional operation of the mechanism, profiling movement of mechanism under load stress as intended by manufacturer
  • potential for wear of adjustable and moving-parts fittings
  • functional safety & incidence of visible wear and tear / degradation due to usage

Low quality other? – if you are considering beds from other sources, ask the seller / manufacturer whether they can provide you with a copy of formal independent certification, evidencing the successful completion of testing relating to the construction / build quality, and provable static and dynamic load capacity of the profiling mechanism component built into their beds. The honest answer will almost certainly be ‘NO’.

Comment on IPL

  • IPL is generally only available as 2’6”, 3’ and 4’ width (other sizes possible as non-standard orders with a lengthy lead time: 8-12 weeks)
  • IPL maximum user-weight up to 18/19 stone only
  • IPL lowest overall height excluding mattress is approximately 15.5” / 39cm
  • IPL cannot be moved around with the user lying on the bed
  • Note on entrapment risk: From a safe usage point of view, all Integral Profile & Lift mechanisms present a moderate entrapment risk, as the moving mechanical parts are obviously exposed and accessible during high-low operation – care should always be taken not to obstruct the moving bed platform when using high-low.
  • Side Cut-outs for under-bed hoist and other equipment access
  • Side Cut-Outs allowing under-bed hoist (or other equipment) access can be designed-in to side panelling.


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