The Emineo Tilting Wheelchair

The Emineo gives you options you won’t find with other wheelchairs. Active driving position, stable sitting position for activity, or resting position when you want a break. The unique tilt function can be used by either the user or the caretaker.


Comfort and sitting stability

  • Velcro backrest with soft and comfortable cover which can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s individual needs.
  • Unique balanced tilt system ensures comfortable changes to sitting position.
  • Height-adjustable backrest ensures maximum support and stability for the user.
  • Depth-adjustable seat unit.

Very good rolling characteristics

  • Unique tilt system with constant balance point.
  • 25 possible driving-wheel positions.
  • Very low weight.
  • Stable frame construction.
  • Emineo can be supplied with assistant-operated brake in wheel sizes 12″, 16″, 20″, 22″ and 24″.

Attractive and modern design

  • Attractive appearance.
  • Appeals to all ages and user groups.

Simple and quick to adjust

  • Emineo can easily be adjusted with the user in the chair, with minimal use of tools.
  • Wide range of standardised accessories available.
  • Easier and less expensive to service and re-use
  • Minimal use of tools.
  • Instructive graduated scales.
  • Clear product marking.

Easy to transport and handle

  • Total weight only 24 kg.
  • Transport weight only 17 kg.
  • Easily collapsible backrest.
  • Detachable armrests, pushing handle, leg supports and driving wheels.
  • Approved for transport with user in a vehicle.

User operated tilt function

  • Unique tilt mechanism which means that users are able to operate the tilt function themselves.
  • The release lever for tilt adjustment can be moved from the pushing handle to the armrest, either on the left or the right.
  • An extra handle for the tilt can also be fitted so that Emineo has both user-operated and assistant-operated tilt adjustment.


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