Careflex SmartSeat

The Smart seat is smart by design.

  • Unique stowable and adaptable footplate – can be stowed or deployed at any angle of chair tilt without disruption to the patient, whilst providing customised comfort and support.
  • Precision engineered floating-tracking legrest – comes with our new ‘floating tracking technology’ for optimum pressure and posture management.
  • Integral seat-width adjustment system – incorporated into the chair frame; no need for additional cushions or tools for adjustment.

Floating-Tracking Leg Rest

The leg rest of the SmartSeat uses ‘floating tracking technology’ to control its angle and extension. This system allows the leg rest to smoothly follow the biomechanical movement of the lower legs as they pivot at the knee joint, giving uniform support to the lower legs and knee whilst preventing drag to the skin. The result is a reduction in discomfort and adverse pressure build-up for the occupant.

Neat-Fitting, Hook & Loop-Free Covers

Adapting to a changing world: All SmartSeat materials and upholstery are designed to meet the increasing demands of infection control. Its neat-fitting covers use J-strip technology from the automotive industry instead of the usual hook and loop fastenings, meaning less risk of infection and a smarter finish to the chair. All materials are built to be resistant to moisture ingress and are easy to clean.

Integral Footplate

Unique design: The SmartSeat is the first chair to offer an integral footplate that can be deployed at any point in the range of motion and stows away seamlessly behind the legrest. This makes it safer and easier for the occupant to rise to standing for greater independence. The footplate can also be extended to accommodate larger feet, and its angle can be adjusted to allow the client to achieve maximum comfort when their legs are elevated.

Advanced Materials

Responsible sourcing: We aim to produce products that are easy to use and responsibly made. Accordingly, the SmartSeat is built from fully recyclable materials (such as EPP foam), which also give higher performance in the field. So, from neat finishes, to water-proof properties and the ability to replace individual elements of the chair, you can be confident that your SmartSeat will perform to the highest standards every day.

For Different Environments

The SmartSeat is adaptable to both individual and multi-user environments – from care homes to specialist hospital wards, and in the home. Both arms quickly and easily detach from the chair without the need for tools, making it suitable for left or right side transfer. Plus, the SmartSeat can cope with varying hip shapes and sizes, as well as off-set postures – without the need for storage of additional blockers or hip supports.

For Clients with Varying Needs

The SmartSeat keeps users in a good midline position throughout the full Tilt-in-Space motion, supporting their posture and relieving pressure all over. It’s a flexible chair, suitable for those with congenital conditions (e.g. Cerebral Palsy), neurological conditions (e.g. MS, MD, MND), early stage HD, lower limb amputees, those in stroke rehabilitation or with learning difficulties, and the frail and the elderly.

It is especially well adapted where:

  • easy transfer is critical
  • infection control is an issue
  • posture, pressure and support are important in equal measure
  • Specialist Options & Accessories
  • The SmartSeat can be tailored to the specific needs of any individual through our range of advanced accessories.

The Smart Seat is a significant advancement in comfort, posture and patient care, it is also remarkably carer friendly and has proven very popular with carers and client alike. to book an assessment please call our office on 01949 831444 to discuss your requirements.

We are also pleased to announce that we are now keeping limited stocks of the Smart seat in order to meet the needs of clients where time is of the essence.


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