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Walking Solutions

Compact Aluminium Tri Wheel

⋅ 3 wheeled walker
⋅ Folds for easy storage
⋅ Looped brakes (more…)

Saljol Indoor

⋅ The “Living Room’ Rollator
⋅ Maximum stability: Reduces falls at home
⋅ Suitable for small apartment

Topro Taurus E/H

⋅ Safe and steady walker
⋅ Four different models available
⋅ Non-Slip wheels (more…)

Topro Hestia

⋅ Perfect for in the home
⋅ Height adjustable
⋅ Rise-up handles (more…)

Topro Troja 5G

⋅ Weight bearing capacity of 150kg
⋅ Side folding technology
⋅ Shock-absorbing tyres (more…)

Dolomite Jazz

⋅ Outdoor Arthritis rollator
⋅ Large front wheels for easy use
⋅ Height adjustable

Rollz Motion Rhythm

⋅ Parkinson rollator
⋅ Laser, Sound and Vibration Neuro cues
⋅ Rollator and wheelchair in one (more…)

Topro Pegasus

⋅ Carbon frame
⋅ Lightweight at only 6.1kg
⋅ Height adjustable

Topro Troja Walker2

⋅ Forearm walker with rollator comfort
⋅ Driving and parking brakes
⋅ Sideways folding technology (more…)

Topro Troja Original

⋅ Lightweight at only 6.8kg
⋅ Weight bearing capacity of 165kg
⋅ Side folding technology (more…)

Topro Neuro Walker

⋅ Reverse braking system
⋅ Weight bearing capacity 150kg
⋅ Side folding technology (more…)

Saljol Allround

⋅ The all-rounder for city and countryside
⋅ Lightweight frame at only 6.5kg
⋅ Maximum weight bearing capacity 150kg

Rollz Motion

⋅ Rollator and wheelchair in one
⋅ Allows tall and stable walking
⋅ Height adjustable (more…)

Topro Olympos ATR

⋅ All-Terrain Rollator
⋅ Wider design for stability
⋅ Detachable shopping bag

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