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Being comfortable in bed can help reduce strain on your carers and forms an important part of the 24 hour posture care that sits at the heart of our business.

Our adjustable beds can be positioned to relieve pressure and offer improved posture management and comfort during the night. Choose from a selection of types, sizes and features to suit your design preferences and lifestyle as well as your healthcare needs.

For more complex requirements, our specialist beds and mattresses provide safe and practical solutions for clients and carers. Options include day beds; floor level and cot beds to help prevent falls and facilitate personal care; and electrically operated rotational (profiling) chair beds to promote independence and mobility.

Don’t let bedtime become a challenge – ask us to help you find the right mobility sleep system to meet your individual needs.

Sleeping Solutions

Adjustable Beds

A good nights sleep is all the more important especially if your health or mobility brings added challenges to your day. Comfort, Pressure Care and good night time posture and support are all part of the picture at Osteopoise Healthcare, call us today and find the right solution for you.

Right Stuff

Right Stuff© is a collection of products that draws from over a decade of experience, working with Nurses, Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists, posture management specialists, carers and patients who have identified that improving night time positioning and support in bed whilst maintaining a more symmetrical body shape is a key priority. This follows on from our efforts with daytime posture management in the form of supportive, and corrective solutions for wheelchairs and other specialist seating solutions.

Your solution is ours to find

“Our chair was exactly what Roy needed for support, durability and positioning!” Roy Baker

“Fantastic service and they will find you the right product for what you need” Roy Baker

“Can’t praise Simon enough at Osteopoise. Excellent service as always, thank you.” Anne Crowley