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Sleeping Solutions

Right Stuff©

Right Stuff© is a collection of products that draws from over a decade of experience, working with Nurses, Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists, posture management specialists, carers and patients who have identified that improving night time positioning and support in bed whilst maintaining a more symmetrical body shape is a key priority. This follows on from our efforts with daytime posture management in the form of supportive, and corrective solutions for wheelchairs and other specialist seating solutions.

Specialist Beds

Floor or low entry beds give the user and carer a safe and practical solution for clients at risk of falls from bed without the barriers and challenges that come with cot sides whilst still providing a suitable platform to provide personal care and to facilitate transfers and standing. we have a number of options available including some of the most innovative and lowest beds around.

Help & Advice For Sleeping Solutions

Right Time for “Right Stuff”

Designed on the back of many years of experience with similar products and condensing that experience into a budget friendly and simple system that works for early intervention and at the the prevention of contractors and destructive postural patterns that can develop rapidly when time in bed increases.  The following images are slides from a presentation

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Its a Vanguard First!

We held the first of our PPP special events with the Vanguard team in Wakefield this month and the response has been fantastic. The theme was Posture Pressure & Positioning, each subject had its own mini presentation which draws on Tissue viability,  Moving & Handling and the use of suitable equipment to promote good posture,

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