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Posture Solutions

Right Stuff©

Right Stuff© is a collection of products that draws from over a decade of experience, working with Nurses, Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists, posture management specialists, carers and patients who have identified that improving night time positioning and support in bed whilst maintaining a more symmetrical body shape is a key priority. This follows on from our efforts with daytime posture management in the form of supportive, and corrective solutions for wheelchairs and other specialist seating solutions.


Stabilo is a system of stabilising cushions and mattresses based on vacuum fixation of the modelled shape. A special pump allows air to be sucked out of the Stabilo, which makes the cushion firmer while maintaining its shape. The shape and firmness can be changed many times in a very simple way. Stabilo is designed for people who need additional support to maintain their posture in sitting and lying down and works to compensate for body asymmetry or muscle weakness. It can help to stabilise the pelvis trunk, head and lips and provide a high level of comfort, regardless of the persons shape. Thanks to the possibility of quick shape changes and a wide variety of models with wide range of applications, Stabilo is able to provide 24-hour postural management.

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