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Stability & Support

Rollz Motion Rhythm

Parkinson rollator with customizable cues

Rollz Motion Rhythm

This rollator is meant for people living with specific neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. Multiple stimuli are available to help the user take the first step, make subsequent steps, or maintain a walking rhythm.

The stability of the Rollz Motion Rhythm prevents falls that could occur due to balance problems. In addition, the cues overcome freezing or festinating gait patterns. A projected laser line could help to trigger the user to break a freeze. A metronome or the repeating vibration in the handles can further help to set the walking pace”.

Multiple cues to break a freeze


Laser cue of the Parkinson rollator

A green laserline is projected onto the ground to stimulate breaking a freeze and improve the stride’s length and walking speed.


Sound cue of the Parkinson rollator

A metronome signals the preferred step frequency. The acoustic rhythm contributes to regulating the walking speed.


Vibration cue of the Parkinson rollator

Handles vibrate at the rhythm of the pace. A big advantage of this tactile cue is that it is not noticeable to surrounding people.


Hepo Gripo Pole By Topro

The Hepo Gripo Pole Is one of the latest innovations to arrive at Osteopoise.

One system – endless possibilities

Gripo is a sturdy, flexible supportive aid that helps you stand up and move around your home. Gripo is a patented solution suitable for most homes and is very easy to install. It works great on its own, but can also be supplemented with many useful accessories.

• • • • • •

Support when you need it
Utilise your own resources
Simple to install, move and dismantle
Can be installed without screws, nails or tools Wide selection of useful, flexible accessories Countless areas of application.

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Real 9000 Plus

REAL 9000 PLUS is an important mobility aid for indoor use
The REAL 9000 PLUS-system consists of four basic models. Our chairs helps users to be more independent by enabling them to perform tasks without assistance either at home or in a working environment. You can use either your arms or your legs to move the chair around. It’s

easy to adjust the seat height electrically or manually and thereby ensuring an ergonomically correct position at the work surface. A large range of seats, back rests, castors, lifts and accessories makes it easy to create a functional yet comfortable chair. Feel free to take a look at our webshop
at and build your own chair.

A stable and comfortable PLUS-frame with a safe and easy to control brake The REAL 9000 PLUS has a stable, welded frame
with 360° castors and a safe and easy to use brake. The frame is small yet still offers plenty of room for the feet. As a standard, this chair is longer at the back than at the front to keep the risk of tipping over to a minimum.



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Rollz Motion Rhythm

The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a rollator with three cues, for people with Parkinson’s or a disrupted walking pattern. The laser line stimulates the user to start a movement, while the metronome and the vibration in the handles support the walking rhythm. To prevent habituation, these cues are individually adjustable via the module on the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator or via the Rollz app.

Atlantis Corner Shower Stool

The Atlantis Corner Shower Stool is beautifully constructed in aluminium. The triangular shaped seat allows the stool to be used in a corner saving space. Rubber caps on the legs prevent movement of the stool. The stool is easy to assemble.

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Millie mova…

The millie-mova system is a simple chair accessory that makes it easy to get a seated person up to and away from a table.     Eliminates risk of injury to carer/Staff Safeguards service user’s legs and hands Prolongs chair life Protects the floor from damage Improves dignity and safety for service user Improves chair

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As we move forward we are keen to support all of our customers and engage with them in new ways and improve all aspects of the customer experience of working with Osteopoise Healthcare. As part of that journey we introduced an online booking system for appointments at either our showroom or home visits with a

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