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Moving & Handling

Mobile Hoist

The mobile hoist is exactly what it sounds like, a moveable hoist that can be deployed anywhere there is a stable surface. Our range also includes travel friendly models that are designed to be easy to transport and give greater flexibility when away from home.

Stability & Support

Falls prevention is a major feature in reducing admissions to hospital, pressure on the NHS and not to mention the pain, discomfort and the long road to recovery. Balance and stability become more and more important as we age so having a good strategy to stay independent and mobile is vital. We have a great range of options to keep you on you toes as it were.

Standing Aids

Standing Aids come in many forms, there are varying types depending on the level of support required, the basic concept is that the person needing the stand aid will be able to participate in the process of standing but may need additional support, reassurance and something to hold onto for stability. If the person needs to be fully supported and cannot weight bear then we have other options available such as mobile or ceiling track solutions.

Help & Advice For Moving & Handling

Millie mova…

The millie-mova system is a simple chair accessory that makes it easy to get a seated person up to and away from a table.     Eliminates risk of injury to carer/Staff Safeguards service user’s legs and hands Prolongs chair life Protects the floor from damage Improves dignity and safety for service user Improves chair

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Book an appointment

As we move forward we are keen to support all of our customers and engage with them in new ways and improve all aspects of the customer experience of working with Osteopoise Healthcare. As part of that journey we introduced an online booking system for appointments at either our showroom or home visits with a

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