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Add-On Power

Empulse WheelDrive

WheelDrive not only offers extra pushing power when propelling, it is also allows you continuously drive without self propelling thanks to the unique double rim system.

Further away, difficult slopes, thresholds or manoeuvring in a small space? You choose the support you need and you remain active and mobile with your own wheelchair! In addition, the driving characteristics of the WheelDrive are easy to program according to your wishes.

The WheelDrive stimulates active movement, while strain on muscles and joints is reduced.

TGA Wheelchair Power Pack Plus

TGA Wheelchair Power Pack Plus: The most powerful solution for bariatric wheelchairs. Experience smooth, controlled mobility for up to 10 miles at speeds of 3mph. Made in the UK, this 24V pack handles up to 32 stone, with easy installation and user-friendly controls.

Empulse R20 Powerpack

With the new Empulse R20 pushing aid it has never been so easy to support the attendant pushing the wheelchair. Whether uphill, downhill or long trips, the R20 helps in every situation. Combining a unique folding function, the lightweight R20 is under 5 kg providing easy transportation and literally no impact when self propelling your wheelchair.

The R20 is compatible with almost any wheelchair that has a box frame and a tube diameter of 22-28 mm.

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