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Mobility Solutions

Add-On Power

Wheelchair power packs are an ideal accessory for carers and wheelchair users who experience difficulty on sloped or uneven areas. There are different solution depending on how you propel the chair as well as use cases for different environments. We can assist you to propel yourself by effectively amplifying the effort you put into propelling yourself. Or we can add power to assist an attendant who is pushing a chair and needs some assistance say on a hill or gradient or we can mix and match according to different scenarios, in every case there is a solution to assist you to be as independent as possible with maximum freedom

Manual Wheelchairs

There are lots of options when it comes to the type of chair which depends on the users ability as well as the expectations in terms of who is propelling the chair as well as the level of comfort, posture support and the amount of use as well as the type of use the chair will get. Active user wheelchairs are lightweight & easy to fold to complement an active lifestyle. Our Passive user chairs are ideal for occasional use, such as day trips and outings, they fold easily for travelling and fit in a car boot. comfort wheelchairs are built to offer more support and comfort for clients with more complex needs

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are useful for people who may be unable to propel themselves in a manual wheelchair or who may need the assistance of power over long distances or uneven ground. Powered wheelchairs have become one of the most innovative mobility solutions and have so many possibilities for independence around the home, workplace or for pleasure. There is a solution for almost anyone and with almost any ambition or need regardless of ability or limitation driving can be achieved with almost any limb or none, where there is a will there is a way. We offer bespoke seating, and "build for me" options that truly make the chair personal and more like an extension of you rarther than something that defines you..... if you think the glass is Half full, that s fine, but let us show you how to refill the glass.........

Walking Aids

Rollators and Walkers have revolutionised independence and improved the daily lives of millions. Providing stability, confidence and safety when balance, posture and confidence to walk down the street, park or shopping centre become an issue. Somewhere to sit down just to catch your breath or rest for a moment. Carry shopping or personal items from the shop to your car or to take on the buss or Tram.

Help & Advice For Mobility Solutions

The Mobility Buyers Protection Guide 2012

The Mobility Buyers Protection Guide  is now available to download. This newly revised edition brings an insight into the pitfalls and practices that some less than scrupulous companies employ to make you part with your cash. The guide is designed to make you think about some of the issues that are important when choosing a

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The New Invacare Via GO Push Aid

Via GO is the latest empowering solution from the market leaders in power add-ons. Designed to provide extra power assistance when pushing or manoeuvring a wheelchair, this powerful, compact push aid for manual wheelchairs is easy to use and quick to install. We understand that pushing and manoeuvring a wheelchair can be challenging at times, especially when

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Which powered wheelchair is best for you?

Powered wheelchairs have evolved a lot over the last 20 or so years. There are a wealth of options available to meet the most demanding of challenges. Coupled with the developments in terms of other forms of transport including the advent of WAV’s or Wheelchair accessible vehicles there is almost no limit to the options

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