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Bathing & Hygiene Solutions

Bathing Aids

Bathing aids play a crucial role in ensuring a safe bathing experience. They provide stability, prevent slips and falls, and offer reassurance to individuals with limited mobility. In the simplest terms, bath aids are pieces of specialist equipment or mobility aids that can help you get in and out of a bath safely. Common aids include things which can make lowering yourself into a bath easier, such as bath seats, and equipment that can help you wash with confidence.

Shower Aids

Shower chairs enable you to bathe while remaining seated. This reduces your chances of slipping and falling and can give you ongoing comfort and stability to bathe with confidence. Shower chairs can give you ongoing comfort and stability to bathe with confidence.

Toilet Slings

Toileting slings are specifically designed to assist tasks associated with personal hygiene. The generous opening at the buttocks facilitates undressing and dressing while the user remains in the sling. Velcro or buckle chest straps aid with positioning and stability.

Help & Advice For Bathing & Hygiene Solutions

New Opening times.

As with most things its good to review what you do and why you do it!   We have looked at the times that are busiest in terms of incoming calls and visitors to ur showroom and with this in mind we will be making the following changes.   Phone lines will be open from 8:Am

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The Mobility Buyers Protection Guide 2012

The Mobility Buyers Protection Guide  is now available to download. This newly revised edition brings an insight into the pitfalls and practices that some less than scrupulous companies employ to make you part with your cash. The guide is designed to make you think about some of the issues that are important when choosing a

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