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Carina 350EE Mobile Patient Lift

The Carina 350EE Mobile Patient Lift is a collapsible, mobile patient lift adapted for safe and easy lifting of users weighing up to 165kg (350lb). It offers a unique combination of functionality, performance and quality in relation to price, it is delivered complete and ready to use and is equipped with a stable steel sling bar with reliable safety latches. The Mobile Lift is available with manual or electrical base widening, both of which are sturdy, stable, lightweight and safe to use.

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Freephone service update

Freephone numbers seem to of fallen out of favour with the public as they like to know where the call is going especially as they prefer to do business with a local company if possible. With that in mind we have closed our freephone number and we have moved that investment into a new enhanced

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Book an appointment

As we move forward we are keen to support all of our customers and engage with them in new ways and improve all aspects of the customer experience of working with Osteopoise Healthcare. As part of that journey we introduced an online booking system for appointments at either our showroom or home visits with a

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When is a bargain not a bargain?

Buying a used mobility product privately from social media sites, contacts, car boot sales etc.  folks often think they are getting a bargain only to discover they have bought a lemon…… They accept that they paid very little but get a bit of a surprise when the remedy costs 2-3 times the cost of the

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Yell Reviews are coming in thick and fast! Since late 2018 Osteopoise has been receiving great reviews on We decided to partner with as a means to make it easier for clients to find us and to tell everyone about their experience when dealing with the company. Some review sites charge a fee,

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