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Mobility accessories and aids represent a diverse and invaluable category of products designed to enhance the independence, safety, and convenience of individuals with mobility challenges. Whether for seniors, people with disabilities, or those recovering from injury, these tools and accessories serve as essential companions to facilitate everyday activities and maintain a high quality of life.

Accessories & Aids

Bathing & Hygiene Aids

One of the cornerstones of healthcare is personal Hygiene, we have a comprehensive range of products, from a simple bath board to a full length shower trolley and most things in between. If you cannot see what you are looking for please call us as we have access to a broad selection of manufacturers and products that are constantly being updated.

Dressing Aids

Dressing aids are an essential category of assistive devices designed to empower individuals with limited mobility, dexterity challenges, or disabilities in independently managing their daily dressing and grooming tasks. These innovative tools offer practical solutions for getting dressed, putting on shoes, and maintaining personal hygiene, promoting enhanced self-sufficiency and an improved quality of life.

Grabber Sticks

Mobility aid grabber sticks, also known as reachers or grabbers, are indispensable tools designed to assist individuals with reduced mobility in reaching, grasping, and retrieving objects that would otherwise be challenging to access. These devices are versatile, offering enhanced independence and convenience for people with physical limitations, seniors, and individuals recovering from surgery or injury.


Mobile patient lifts are essential and innovative devices designed to provide safe and efficient transfer and repositioning solutions for individuals with mobility limitations, whether in a home care setting or a healthcare facility. These versatile tools are instrumental in improving the quality of life for patients and easing the physical demands on caregivers.

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