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TROJA Classic Rollator Walker (M) Red

TROJA Classic Rollator Walker (M) Red

The TOPRO Troja Classic is TOPRO’s standard rollator that meets most needs. TOPRO is the best selling rollator in Europe. Winner of the Norwegian Design Council’s award for good design, and awarded test winner of the renowned German consumer organization, Stiftung Warentest. Has a 7-year warranty (except for parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear).

The parking break, along with the wheels, provide safe use of the seat and for transfers from chair to rollator. The wheels are made of TPE and good tread to provide security when the user sits on the seat, even on smooth flooring. The driving brake provides additional safety when walking.

With 12 ball bearings in the wheels and forks and a tilt function, the rollator offers smooth navigation of corners and obstacles such as thresholds and curbs.

The basket is machine washable a holds up to 10kg of weight.

Folding is easy. Simply pull the strap on the seat. The rollator will rest on all 4 wheels and the lock clamp locks the rollator securely for easy transport.