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Saljol Indoor

Saljol Indoor

⋅ The “Living Room’ Rollator
⋅ Maximum stability: Reduces falls at home
⋅ Suitable for small apartment
⋅ Accessories available
⋅ Manoeuvrable in seated position
⋅ Replaces hand rails on walls
⋅ Maximum weight capacity up to 150kg

The “Living room” rollator for indoor use

Moving while sitting

Unfortunately, standard rollators are not approved for being moved while in the sitting position, by for example sitting on a rollator and pushing yourself forward with your feet. This is because sitting on a standard rollator is only allowed when the parking brake is applied. To move, the rollator must be taken off the brake and sitting on it is no longer allowed.

The solution is the living room rollator, also better known as a tripper chair or indoor rollator. It is ideally suited for use in the home or indoors, it can be used to ride around while in a seated position. This means that the indoor rollator is ideal for moving you around in comfort, but also for walking around with it whenever necessary.

Stability and elasticity

The importance of safety and flexibility

You must be able to rely on your indoor rollator, it must be able to carry you and be stable. On whichever side you rest on the frame, the rollator provides you with stability.

The indoor rollator can support up to 150 kg. And when you are seated, you can move around by your feet. In doing so, you sit on the seat, have your feet on the ground and release the brake.

An added functionality of this rollator, is that the indoor rollator is designed so that the frame fits over the toilet, so the stability of the frame allows you to sit down safely on the toilet. Standing up is also easier. The triple chair becomes a mobile toilet support – without the need of drilling or glueing the frame.