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Mobilex Gepard Carbon Fibre Rollator

Mobilex Gepard Carbon Fibre Rollator

The Mobilex Gepard has a frame made of carbon fibre and aluminium, making it one of the lightest rollators on the market today starting from just 5.5kgs.

Although very light, this excellent rollator offers a high degree of stability coupled with extreme ease of movement.

The push handles are height-adjustable with an easy to read numerical marking and a simple thumb turn lock. It features a textile seat and padded back strap, and a locking system that stops it reopening once folded.

The large 8” smooth-running wheels are equipped with 2 brakes for optimum speed control that are also lockable for parking. The detachable bag has a load capacity of 5Kgs and can also be used as a convenient shopping bag.

The Medium and Large size rollators are tested and approved for a user weight of up to 150kgs.

The HD Bariatric rollator is tested and approved for a user weight of up to 200kgs, a 50kg increase from the standard version.