Mobility aids to keep you active

We have a wide range of exciting and innovative mobility aids that can transform your outlook.

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Mobility aids to keep you active

We have a wide range of exciting and innovative mobility aids that can transform your outlook.

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Don’t let limited mobility stop you getting out and about. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter, we supply both lightweight buggies you can fold away in the car boot and models you can use on roads as well as pavements.

Our wheelchair range includes manual chairs for active and passive users; wheelchair power packs to give an extra boost when needed; and electric wheelchairs to help people with disabilities live more independently. Of course, you’ll want to stay mobile indoors as well as out, so we also offer a selection of walking aids. These include three and four wheeled walkers and walker-wheelchair ‘hybrids,’ which can also be used outside.

Naturally, choosing the right product to suit your healthcare needs and mobility level is paramount. Our expert team will take the time to discuss your requirements so we can recommend the solution that works best for you. Book your FREE, no obligation assessment today.

electric mobility chair

Wheelchairs - Manual

Active user wheelchairs are lightweight & easy to fold to complement an active lifestyle. Our Passive user chairs are ideal for occasional use, such as day trips and outings, they fold easily for travelling and fit in a car boot.

electric mobility chair

Wheelchairs - Add-on Power

Wheelchair power packs are an ideal accessory for carers and wheelchair users who experience difficulty on sloped or uneven areas.

electric mobility chair

Wheelchairs - Powered

Powered wheelchairs are useful for people who may be unable to propel themselves in a manual wheelchair or who may need the assistance of power over long distances or uneven ground.

lightweight mobility scooter

Mobility Scooters - Boot & Pavement

Boot scooters are compact and easy to dismantle which makes them ideal for the boot of your car. Boot mobility scooters allow you the flexibility and independence to go anywhere as they’re easily transportable.

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Mobility Scooters - Road & Pavement

A scooter can make all the world of difference to your independence. When it comes to purchasing a mobility scooter it’s important to spend as much time as needed getting the best one for you.


Walking Aids

A walker is a great way of maintaining independence whilst out and about, or to provide more stability for users around the house. We have a vast range of walking aids to meet all of our customers needs


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