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Its a Vanguard First!

Its a Vanguard First!

We held the first of our PPP special events with the Vanguard team in Wakefield this month and the response has been fantastic.

The theme was Posture Pressure & Positioning, each subject had its own mini presentation which draws on Tissue viability,  Moving & Handling and the use of suitable equipment to promote good posture,  to hi-light the relationship between pressure care and posture and the general well being and comfort of residents in a care environment. Here are some of the feedback Comments.

“Liked to see the products in use”

“Feel it would benefit senior staff”

“Will be able to use with residents and easy to follow”

“Every staff member should receive this training.  It is so informative with regards to skin integrity, pressure sore prevention and correct positioning for comfort”

“Gained lots of knowledge on posture”

“Gave good examples of how to position people and use of equipment”

“Hi lighted  importance of using slide sheet with residents to protect skin”

“Food for thought”

“I would recommend this training session to my colleagues, very informative”

Wow, a great response from a very receptive audience.

The Vanguard team in Wakefield have made significant headway in promoting best practice and have worked hard to build trust with the local care homes and are seeing significant benefits including cost savings, reduced hospital admissions, fewer ambulance callouts and not least improvements to the quality of life and care for residents.

if you would like our team too help your team  and take the next step in improving carer training and to see some of the latest developments in equipment that really can make the difference, give us a call 01949 831444 or email [email protected].