Customer Service | Osteopoise

Freephone numbers seem to of fallen out of favour with the public as they like to know where the call is going especialy as they prefer to do business with a local company if possible. with that in mind we have closed our freephone number and   We have moved that investment into a new enhanced telephone system with more capacity and flexibility all from one number so its less confusing and with most phone companies including a large number of calls in the price it makes little or no difference. Plus more and more clients are  contacting us in other ways such as the online chat and email as well as our online booking and appointment service which has proved extremely popular especially during the pandemic. It has been so popular we are keeping it running as our clients really like that one to one personal service that we provide by making time just for them so they have our undivided attention and its so much more professional. We make appointments for all sorts of things related to health and other activities and it seems logical to make the time to invest in your mobility and well being.

So please use our main number 01949 831444 and a member of the team will be more than happy to help you.

Our lines are open Monday-Friday 9:00Am-5:00Pm and our showroom is open 10:Am-4:00Pm Monday to Friday.