Divan Accessories and Options

DD HeadboardDD Headboard

Classic design with a single plain border.


Fraser HeadboardFraser Headboard

Contemporary borderless design with piped edging.

Shell HeadboardShell Headboard

Elegantly sculpted shell design for extra flair.

Cot SidesCot Sides with Bumper PanelsCot-Sides

Three or four bar telescopic chrome plated steel side rails, which contain a client / patient safely within the bed area. We can also supply bumper panels for added protection.


Divan DrawersDrawers can be added to the Windsor Divan bed only. They can either be situated at the end of the bed or at the sides of the foot of the bed.





Hi Low LifterHi-Lo Lifter

(Mattress Lift ONLY – 2ft 6″ or 3ft ONLY)

This is a bed lifter, which is incorporated into the bed surround like an action. It lifts the profiling mechanism and the mattress only, and leaves the surround on the floor. It is available in a 2ft 6 and 3ft option, so it is ideal for single beds or 5ft and 6ft duals where couples wish to retain their closeness without losing the practicality of a care bed.

Vertical Bed LifterVertical Bed Lifter

(Complete Bed Lift) 3ft – 4ft 6″ ONLY)

This is a bed lifter, which attaches to the surround of the bed. It lifts the complete bed surround, mechanism and mattress vertically. It is built to a high standard and finished in a white powder coat to aid easy cleaning. There are four (4) lockable castors attached for ease of movement and to ensure that the 5” gap for hoist insertion is available. Gas springs are fitted to assist in weight load and to give support to a smooth movement of the actuator during raising/lowering of bed. OKIN actuators are fitted along with an in-line transformer that has been fitted with Mains Isolation Plug, this ensures that power is only supplied when the handset is activated for movement of the VBL. An emergency recovery pack is also fitted.

Relaxor 5 Zone Massage

(Foam Only)

The Relaxor 5 massage system has 5 motors that are integrated equally within the mattress (Foam ONLY).

Relaxor 10 Zone Massage

(Foam Only)

The Relaxor 10 massage system has 10 motors that are integrated equally within the mattress in 5 zones, which equate to 2 motors per zone giving a more powerful massage. (Foam ONLY). 10 Motor systems are usually used in 4ft 6”, 5ft and 6ft mattresses.

Different Fabric

Any of our products can be upholstered in different fabrics, from dralons to leather, with a small supplement charge. If you have a fabric of your own that you wish for us to upholster your product in then this is also an option that we can provide.

Length Alteration

All of our beds have the option of being shortened or lengthened. The following internal sizes are available: 5ft 8”, 6ft, 6ft 3”, 6ft 6”, 6ft 9”, 7ft.

Height Alteration

All of our beds have the option of the total height being lowered or raised. The following sizes are available (Floor to top of Mattress): 16” – 30” (Standard Bed Height = 22”)

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