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Buyers Protection Guide

At Osteopoise Healthcare we are not convinced that the internet is the ideal method of selling medical devices directly to the public.

That said, we fully recognise that e-commerce is here to stay and it does have its merits. including some efficiencies that can make cost saving possible. However the concern is mostly centred around an unhealthy obsession on price at the expense of service and the availability of advice and support both prior to and after a purchase is made and some of the complaints we have received over the years from clients who thought they had a bargain only to find the reality was a lot different.

Our only priority is making sure you get the product and service you need and balancing that with our responsibility to ensure your needs are met now and in the future.

    • Only poor quality goods can be produced cheaply!
    • The cheapest price or lowest cost is desirable but may not always the best product for the job
    • The company offering the cheapest deal may not be the ideal company to purchase from. Ask about after sales service, does the company have its own workshop, its own engineers and the resources to support you and your product both in and out of the warranty period. talk is cheap, ask to see the evidence!
    • A large number of our products are built to order or bespoke, they have a starting price for a standard build and options to build on that to make the product more bespoke or suitable for your needs. In some cases this can add significantly to the overall cost, in a lot of cases these costs can be minimal.
    • Our expertise is worth something, it adds value to you the customer, value is what you get whereas the price is what you pay!
    • Most of the products and services we offer reflect the level of professionalism and expertise that we can provide, very often for little or no extra cost at all apart from the fact that good advice is priceless and mistakes are always expensive.  
    • There is widespread concern from health professionals and from organisations such as the BHTA (British Health Trades Association) and other parties including the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) about the methods and practices used by some internet sellers, and not just in this industry but across the web in general. Trust is a major issue especially when your health and wellbeing are part of the equation.
    • We are happy to provide you with a written estimate or quote for any work or product we provide. and we are happy to liase with any 
    • Obsessing on price is a distraction. Time and time again we hear the words “I got a bargain” only to be followed with a BUT… it doesn’t do XYZ and or, I have now got a sore on my… sometimes it is useful to try before you buy and this is why we offer this facility. Something you certainly won’t get from a website!


I am sure there are many examples of appalling sales practices in the industry and I know of individuals that have even been imprisoned, fined and hit with proceeds of crime orders. Our industry is not immune from bad practice and has its fair share of rogues however it does not mean we are all complicit. This is one of many  reasons why we are delighted to be part of the Buy with Confidence scheme operated by Trading standards. We always strive to give  a good service at a fair price, backed by excellent service long after the warranty has run out.


Why is the Internet not appropriate to sell medical devices?

Put simply there are some devices that in themselves are pretty harmless. However if a product is not understood or not used as intended with an appreciation of its limits as well as your own limits without appropriate and considered advice from either a health professional or from a competent advisor then sometimes potentially costly and adverse problems can arise. One very good reason to talk to us about your requirements in full. You may also wish to consider using a private Occupational Therapist to advise you. We have contacts who will be happy to advise you, please just ask and we can put you in touch.