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When is a bargain not a bargain?

When is a bargain not a bargain?

Buying a used mobility product privately from social media sites, contacts, car boot sales etc.  folks often think they are getting a bargain only to discover they have bought a lemon……

They accept that they paid very little but get a bit of a surprise when the remedy costs 2-3 times the cost of the machine.  ie needs new batteries or has a defective gearbox or motor.  If you are tempted into a bargain its possibly worth asking a reputable company to survey the item before you part with your cash if thats of interest to  you please call us on 01949 831444 to discuss. please remember the following.

  • We are a Buy with confidence Trading Standards approved business, you are safe with us
  • We have a fully equiped workshop and a fleet of loan-courtesy vehicles ( subject to availability)
  • Our used and refurbished machines all have a minimum warranty of 90 days and can be extended for a premium.
  • All of our used and refurbished machines have been inspected and offered with full support for the lifetime of the product subject to parts availability
  • We do not resell any item that we are unable to source parts for or have any doubts about its history or provenance!
  • We have a fully equipped workshop with a fleet of loan-courtesy vehicles available to keep you mobile.
  • We repair or maintain all of the products we sell including chairs, beds, mobility products and more because we believe in a whole-service not just the best bits!

Our ethical approach to selling and compliance with all the current consumer regulations is your guarantee of great service and your peace of mind for the future.